Saturday, 15 January 2011

Firmware 3.55, psl1ght and libgem

Today i have been working on samples for libgem for psl1ght.

ps3load with udp debug support shows that it crash on sysProcessExitSpawn2, i tried including npDrmProcessExitSpawn2 from npdrm lib instead on psl1ght but with no success. You can upload self signed elf but it will return to xmb after call sysProcessExitSpawn2 or npDrmProcessExitSpawn2 by now...

Instead of install stuff from usb, i am uploading EBOOT.BIN in a USRDIR previously installed on ps3 in a prepared package, it's quicker than make pkg put on usb and install it on PS3 3.55.

About libgem it has now:

- calibrating support, Move get a hue colour and it's internally calibrated. You point directly to PlayStation Eye press Move button and it's automatically calibrated passing for all status flags.
- All move buttons(cross, circle, triangle,square, select, start, move and trigger with analog pressure) supported with readGemPad function with internal state like some libpad examples released in the past, it's good to use it for menu selections or whatever stuff that need it.
- Gyroscope on y and x axis,move xmb control like. Understand which is y and x and when it's positive or negative was fun and moving camera frame using this effect :P.
- debugPrintf function over udp for samples in 3.55 firmware

more to come...

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