Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bluetooth stack for PlayStation 2

Well, last month i was very busy at work, and without free time to dedicate to ps2 development.

Yesterday i found and old usb bluetooth dongle on my desk, and i have been reading old stuff about bluetooth in my archives. So next steps will be:

1) Usb driver for usb bluetooh dongle, it must be usb 1.1 compliant. Yesterday i had ready a little module and i have already identified bulk, intr and isoc endpoint following Specification of the Bluetooth System Wireless connections made easy Host Controller Interface [Transport Layer] documentation so the basic to speak with dongle is done :)

2) I need a bluetooth stack , i have a reference of bluez port for PlayStation 2 Linux in PlayStation 2 Linux Forum but making a port in native mode could be difficult, too much linux dependencies and i have not too much free time. Also i have seen some stuff for nintedo wiimote on libogc based on lwbt. So after some research i have 2 options:

a) Port lwbt , i believe that Herben is porting last lwip(1.3.1) and he has a new project to enable different communication methods for PlayStation consoles (ps2dev forum) , so an option would be lwbt plus making an usb transport layer for lwbt.

b) Make an userland bluetooth stack on IOP. For this i have many information to do it and also some sample code for opensolaris that i can port to PlayStation.

I believe by now i will try option b, to get PlayStation 2 speaks with bluetooth devices.

So let's code :) a new challenge to forget Oracle Identity Management crap for a while

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